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Vitiligo over Eye Lid
4 Wks. Of
Immediatly after Test Graft
After Test Graft
Chemical Preling by TCA 15% frosting appeared after application of TCA
Sun Burn like appearance on 3rd day
10th day after chemical preling
Vitiligo since 6 yrs of age
After 3 sessions of Punch Grafting
After 4 months of Punch Grafting
After 8 months of Punch Grafting
Before treatment
Before treatment
Before treatment
After treatment
After treatment
After treatment
Impetigo Contagiosa
Before Treatment
After Treatment
Intradermal Naevus
Before Electro Surgery
After Electro Surgery
Earlobe Keloid
Before Cryosurguy
Frosting all over the lession
After Cryosurguy
Lip Vitiligo
Lip Vitiligo
After Punch Grafting
After Punch Grafting and photo therapy(narrow band UVB)
After 1st sitting of punch graft
After 2nd sitting of punch graft
After 3rd sitting
After treatment
Duration 9 yrs
After 1st sitting of Punch Graft
After 2nd sitting of Punch Graft
After 5 months
Nodulo cystic Acne not responding to any medication
Same Patient(side view)
After 3 sessions of E.S

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